Developing an OSX app with Python

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in Articles • Tagged with python, osx, ionic, pyinstaller, multiprocessing, pkgbuild

Application architecture

The purpose of the project was to build an application that would watch a directory for changes and respond to directory events with a flexible set of actions.

I broke the problem into a few parts, which mapped well into separate processes.

  1. Directory watcher. Responsible for responding to …

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Python multiprocessing and CoreFoundation libraries

Posted on Fri 02 March 2018 in Articles • Tagged with python, multiprocessing, parallel

Python's multiprocessing library is pretty awesome, and it can make it much easier to build programs that exersize multiple cores in python. However, some libraries are known not to behave well with multiprocessing. You may be running into this problem if you see output like this from your program, in …

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