Ebay classifieds: A model for bad customer experience

Posted on Sun 18 March 2018 in Articles • Tagged with ebay

This one will be short, but was still too long for a tweet. It's a bit rant-y, but here goes.

What I was selling

WARNING: This sort of turned into a pre-rant about Wyndham's timeshare program and the shady people involved in that program.

Last year I attended a sales …

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Developing an OSX app with Python

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in Articles • Tagged with python, osx, ionic, pyinstaller, multiprocessing, pkgbuild

Application architecture

The purpose of the project was to build an application that would watch a directory for changes and respond to directory events with a flexible set of actions.

I broke the problem into a few parts, which mapped well into separate processes.

  1. Directory watcher. Responsible for responding to …

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Python multiprocessing and CoreFoundation libraries

Posted on Fri 02 March 2018 in Articles • Tagged with python, multiprocessing, parallel

Python's multiprocessing library is pretty awesome, and it can make it much easier to build programs that exersize multiple cores in python. However, some libraries are known not to behave well with multiprocessing. You may be running into this problem if you see output like this from your program, in …

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AWS API Gateway: first impressions are disappointing

Posted on Tue 27 February 2018 in Articles • Tagged with aws, apigateway, rest

When I started working with Amazon's API Gateway service earlier today, this is not the title I expected the article would have.

If you read through documentation and blog articles by Amazon, it sounds like API Gateway is an awesome solution for serverless integrations with S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, and even …

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Quick and dirty kubernetes

Posted on Fri 27 October 2017 in Articles • Tagged with kubernetes, docker, sftp

The Problem

As part of our analytics solution at Ionic, my team was working on a system to push files to customer owned endpoints. We wanted to do a quick validation that pushed to a server outside our network was working.

We already had a test environment running locally with …

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Basic vs Enhanced Health Checks on AWS ELB

Posted on Thu 29 June 2017 in Articles • Tagged with alexa, elasticbeanstalk, aws, biblescholar

The Problem

Yesterday I started getting a lot of emails from Amazon saying that there were issues with the ELB application that runs my Alexa App.

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Validating BibleScholar Scraping

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in Articles • Tagged with python, scraping, biblescholar

As with any data scraping tool, verifying correctness in BibleScholar's verse scraping utilities was pretty important. After my first run through verses, here is what I was seeing between versions. Note that this is before I added the ESV translation, which as you'll see below is the version with the …

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Setting up SSL for an ElasticBeanstalk Application

Posted on Sun 01 January 2017 in Articles • Tagged with alexa, elasticbeanstalk, aws, biblescholar, ssl

In my last article I discussed how I created an Alexa application using AWS ElasticBeanstalk. I left off stuck in the last step of getting the site set up with a SSL certificate from a trusted CA.

In general AWS makes the process of setting up SSL for a site …

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Introducing the BibleScholar Alexa application

Posted on Sat 31 December 2016 in Articles • Tagged with alexa, elasticbeanstalk, aws, biblescholar

When I went to the AWS Re:Invent conference this November, every attendee got an Echo Dot. Since then I've been looking for something useful to do with it. So far I've been just asking Alexa about the weather, traffic, and (very corny) jokes.

Several of my long term side …

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Thoughts on agile

Posted on Wed 21 December 2016 in Articles • Tagged with agile, design

This article on agile was going around my company this morning: https://michaelochurch.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/why-agile-and-especially-scrum-are-terrible/

I was originally typing up a response to the email chain, but decided to just make it into a blog post instead.

Agile is great as a communication structure. The ticket …

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